**CINEMATOGRAPHY** Aerials in Grand Cayman

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We are so excited to announce that we’re almost finished our latest custom-content print magazine called “Cayman Vows”.  We have worked closely with the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and some wonderful on and off-island talent to produce an oversized, laminated, luxuriously smooth and silky 100 page custom-content magazine.  Layout and production will be finalized this week and then it’s off to the printer with expected copies in-hand at the end of this month.  Distribution will be across the USA in Barnes & Noble, select airports and select pharmacies.  In Canada, distribution will be in Chapters/Indigo, supermarkets and pharmacies.  Copies will also be available online and on Grand Cayman itself.  A full digital rollout will follow shortly thereafter.

With all of the hustle and bustle of life and the sheer volume of content online, many of our clients including the Cayman Islands DOT are wanting to get back to something more tactile.  The digital rollout is nice (and of course necessary), however not enough publishers are still creating high-end physical magazines for people to hold and connect with.  We encourage you to look for a copy or send us an email and we we’ll be sure to get one to you.  The Cayman Islands is a wonderful destination for high-end events and world-class shopping and dining – it is a truly magical place and our hope is that by viewing this magazine, more people what is commonly known on the islands as “Cayman Kind”.  The site for the magazine is caymanvows.com

As part of our Omnimedia philosophy, along with having each original editorial photographed we also film behind-the-scenes original content so that we can give our clients a more immersive, 360 experience.  Have a look at some wonderful aerial drone shots of Grand Cayman in anticipation of more magazine content which we will of course reveal VERY soon!

Bruce Patterson
Publisher | Owner | COO

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