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Cloud Nine Omnimedia Inc. is an international graphic design + commercial film/photography agency with offices in Toronto, Canada and Winter Park, Florida.  We started our business initially on Canada’s Westcoast in Vancouver and in 2007 expanded to Toronto and became a national business.  In 2016 we continued to expand, this time into the United States.

we start

We start by getting to know our clients and focusing on their existing marketing goals.  We work with them to further define their product/service, how they are currently selling to clients and who their clients are.

Once the goals are either defined or clarified then our team gets to work on solutions to help them meet their marketing objective.  Options are presented and our clients choose which path best supports their vision.

We Develop With You

Navigating the road to the ultimate achievement of a company’s marketing goals and objectives is a collaborative process.  We pride ourselves on listening before teaching since it’s only by listening can we truly get to know our clients and their wants/needs/desires both personally, for the project at-hand, and for the company as a whole.

we build with you

We offer marketing solutions from Print to digital to in-person business consulting.  Our focus is to take our vast experience as an entrepreneurial-led company and to help other businesses avoid/minimize some of the mistakes that we made early in the life of our business.  Either by helping focus marketing objects or by starting at the beginning and helping to define the product/service, our team is there to support our clients in wherever the best way possible.

The final output could be consultation or also a tangible product whether it be custom-content printed material, web-presence, or coverage with design, film, or photography.

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